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Boom at University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music [CCM]  - January 2024. 

Director/Choregrapher: Chaz Wolcott 

Music Director: Ian Axness 

Accompanist: Jacob Priddy 

Lighting Designer Andrew Gange 


Technical Director: Lukas Hummeldorf 

Lighting Supervisor: Kevin Lawson

Stage Management: 
PSM: Hannah Burford

ASM: Kait Naylor 

Sound Designer: Kaitlin Barnett

Sound Assistant: Kayla Chen  

Sound Assistant: Michael Donahue

University of Cincinnati

College-Conservatory of Music [CCM]

Cincinnati, OH

January 2024

Videos by Eli Suarez

What if every commuter's playlist suddenly aligned and we heard the same song? What if we connected instead of avoided each other while going about our daily lives? Inspired by observing NYC commuters all listening to different playlists, and the curiosity of wondering if anyone was listening to the same song as me, I wanted to play with the idea that some abrupt stop of the subway caused a glitch in the matrix and instead of avoiding connection all day, a group of strangers united and heard the same song and danced the same dance.


Performers: The Glitch (Lead): Ryan Behan

Commuters: Josh Devine, Gabriel Raskind, Griffin Simmons, Dominic Carroll, Joey Baciocco and Jack Haroutunian

Music: The River of Dreams / Keeping the Faith / Only the Good Die Young from Movin Out By: Billy Joel

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