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Kinky Boots at Short North Stage

Kinky Boots at Short North Stage

November-December 2023

Director: Chari Arespacochaga

Choreographer: Chaz Wolcott

Music Director: Jonathan Collura

Lighting Designer: Bowen Moss

Sound Design: Laurel Waller

Costume Coordinator: Jackie Farbeann

Make-Up Design: Miss Jaye

Wig Stylist: DC Simpson

Assistant Director: Jeff Fouch

Production Stage Manager: Calyn P. Swain

Company Manager: Kyle McCandless

Artistic Director: Edward Carignan

Associate Artistic Director: Dionysia Williams-Velazco

Short North Stage

Columbus, OH

November-December 2023

Photos by Ryan Shreve, Fyrebird Media

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Chaz Wolcott’s choreography is key to that world-building, deployed like a scalpel and a glitter bomb in the correct measure. Jokes – going back to the movie – revolve around the physical lack of comfort strait-laced Charlie and the factory crowd have with the flashier shoes they’re switching to; that stumbling has to sell, has to draw a clear distinction between the ease and the stylized moves of the Angels (Cameron Edris, Louis Hansen, Miss Jaye, Mitchy Kallner, Hunter Minor, PJ Palmer – all delightful, with Miss Jaye also handing the production’s makeup) and the unease of the other characters without turning that stumbling into making the people a joke. It accomplishes that beautifully and helps make the final number, the pumping club anthem “Lift You Up,” with everyone in knee-high red boots and also dancing using the same vocabulary, adding to the emotional quality of the song and the sense of possibility that’s in the DNA of all great dance music.
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