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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
at CCM

Spelling Bee at University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music [CCM]  - November 2023. 

Director/Choregrapher: Chaz Wolcott 

Music Director: Steve Goers 

Assistant Director: Jackson Reagin 


Stage Management: 

Production Stage Manager: Sarah Patisaul 

Assistant Stage Managers: El Bowers and  Jordan Shaw

Production Assistant: Chloe Caudill

Stage Management Advisor: Michele Kay  


Scenic / Technical Direction - 

Scenic Designer: Regan Densmore 

Scenic Charge: Anna Camerer

Scenic Advisor: Mark Halpin 

Technical Director: Lukas Hummeldorf 

Head Carpenter Evan Reinhart

TD Advisor: Stirling Shelton

Scene Shop Staff Troy Brizius


Props - 

Props Manager: Melanie Reitman 

Props Advisor: Ashley Crockett 


Lighting - 

Lighting Designer Jessica Drayton 

ALD 1: Matti Andrews

ALD 2: Nate Hedges

Production Electrician: Rachel Ledington 

Programmer: Maddi Myer

Light Board Operator: Jack Capobianco 

Follow Spot Operators: Lily Landoch and Bethany Untener

Deck Electricians: Lucia Thill and Ashton Karp

Lighting Advisor Sharon Huizinga


Sound - 

Sound Designer: Kaitlin Barnett

Assistant Sound Designer: Macay Smith 

Production Sound Engineer: Frank Jernigan  

A1: Kayla Chen  

A2: Nick Feldmann 

Mic Techs: Emma Miller and Lacey Vailikit 

Sound Advisor Emily Porter


Band - 

Keys 2: Casey Reed
Woodwinds: Geovanny Morales-Santos
Percussion: Jett Stevens
Cellist: Matthew Lei


Costumes - 

Costume Designer Corey Cochran

Assistant Costume Designer: Cassie Smith 

Costume Design Advisor: Elizabeth Payne

Costume Tech Advisor Gina Truhart 


Wardrobe - 

Wardrobe Supervisor: Abby Barrientes

Wardrobe Crew: Alanna Gorrigan, Rachel Luneke, and Emily Mallendick

University of Cincinnati

College-Conservatory of Music [CCM]

Cincinnati, OH

November 2023

Photos by Mark Lyons


The Spellers

Olive Ostrovsky: Madison Osment

William Barfée: Nicholas Pattarini

Logan Schwartzandgrubennierre: Amanda Bishop

Leaf Coneybear: Joey Baciocco

Marcy Park: Annalise Prentiss

Chip Tolentino: Andrew Burke

The Adults

Rona Lisa Perretti: Julia Schick

Vice Principal Douglas Panch: Dan Klimko

Mitch Mahoney: Sam Yousuf

Jesus Christ: JT Langlas

Swing Nation

Declan Smith

Griffin Simmons

Carter Minor

JT Langlas

Ellie Eisele

Amelia Lamb

Maya Sharma

To view a digital program, click "Download" below


Director and choreographer Chaz Wolcott pulls out funny yet grounded performances from the cast, and maintains the proper balance of humor, heart and uniqueness, which is so integral to the show. There are several very effective directorial choices, including a nice ode to A Chorus Line, some fun pre-show "business" that introduces the audience to the spellers through non-verbals, and a chaotic breakout of playground equipment during "Pandemonium." Wolcott also includes well-suited background dances to a few numbers, including "Magic Foot," which are extremely appealing. 

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