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Mamma Mia @ Forestburgh Playhouse

Director/Choreographer: Chaz Wolcott
Music Director: James Osorio

Dance Captains: Logan Risser, Maggie Likcani
Scenic Design: Steven Velasquez
Lighting Design: Ethan Newman
Costume Design: Risa Ando
Props Design: Lorelei Davis
Sound Design: TJ O'Leary
Production Manager: Dylan Bartlett
​Stage Managers: Caroline Jackson,

             Rose Tablizo, Jacob Rivera
Co. Managers: Ben Sears, Brandon Suppa
Producer: Franklin Trapp


Forestburgh Playhouse

Forestburgh, NY

July 2022

Photos by Jonathan Charles Fox, Chaz Wolcott

"And, of course, Director/Choreographer Chaz Wolcott had his hands full with this production and the result is a treat to the senses. He assembled an escapade that is so much fun to experience. And his choreography is no less thrilling and I’ll say it again… fun! A tap number in scuba fins, the cat and mouse number I mentioned earlier and, of course, the ensemble “Dancing Queen” lists only a few. How can you go wrong with this one? The songs of ABBA, a clever plot-line, high energy dance routines, brassy and tender tunes, and an ending that warms the heart. Get on the next boat to this island getaway. It’s worth the trip!" 
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