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Jersey Boys @ Millbrook Playhouse

Director/Choreographer: Chaz Wolcott

Music Director: Benjamin Doyle

Scenic / Projection / Sound Design: Valeriya Nedviga

Prop Design: David Singleton

Costume Design: Stephanie Parks

Lighting Design: Caleb Stroman

Wig Design: Terrell Jenkins

Stage Mgmt: Ericka Conklin, Bizzy Miner

Artistic Director: David E. Leidholdt

General Manager: David Gritzner

Millbrook Playhouse

Mill Hall, Pennsylvania

June 2022

Photos by Caleb Stroman

"Great job from the lively ensemble, and from the director and choreographer Chaz Wolcott, as well as the many others who were involved. The play works — so well that you’ll be on your feet in its final moments , giving these boys (and girls) from Jersey a rousing Pennsylvania ovation!"


Frankie Valli: Adam Marino

Nick Massi: Nathan David Smith

Bob Gaudio: Colin Denehy

Tommy DeVito: Tyler Shore

Mary/Ensemble/Dance Captain: Alicia Pedraza

Joe Pesci/Ensemble: Zachary Spafford

Charlie/Ensemble: Alberto Blanco

Nick Devito/Ensemble: Michael Floriano

Lead Angel/Ensemble: Zoe Constantinides

Gyp DeCarlo/Ensemble: Frank Franconeri

Bob Crewe/Ensemble: Tyler Gallaher

Lorraine/Ensemble: Alexandra Shepherd

Barry/Ensemble: Adeleke Goring

Francine/Ensemble: Kelly Long


Co Mgr: Megan Wilson

Carpenter: Andrew Taylor

Interns: Jacob Bubeck, Riley Bates, Lillian Levine, Caroline Million, Erin Fallon, Shantel Hill, Alexandra Marusko, Joseph Peachey

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